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Guide to the 1999 Performance Season

Note: all items are subject to change - check to see the event or with us to confirm details.


San Francisco Tour 

We'll be performing Border morris and longsword, dancing with sword team Ring of Cold Steel, along with Seabright Morris and Sword.
12:00p - 12:40p Legion of Honor You'll find us by the fountain in front (if not in it).
1:00p - 1:50p Golden Gate Park, Music Concourse Another fountain, this time between DeYoung and the natural science museum
2:00p - 3:00p Golden Gate Park, Strybing Arboretum From the concourse, walk south past the bandshell, cross the road, and....what's this?  Yet another fountain?

Bay Area pickup morris, Goat Hall, 400 Missouri Street, Potrero Hill, San Francisco map.gif (1249 bytes)

The local morris community holds its own free-for-all

MemoriAle, Adelphian Arts Center, 2167 Central Ave, Alamedamap.gif (1249 bytes)

A celebration with other Berkeley Morris and other teams around the area as we salute and remember Terry O'Neal.
4-11-99 The MemoriAle celebration takes to the streets, much to the surprise of an suspecting public.
05-01-99 5:30a May Day morning, Baylands Nature Preserve, Palo Alto map.gif (1249 bytes) Come help us dance up the Sun on MayDay morning (we do it every year, and it always works - good thing, too!) and celebrate.  It's not so much that we believe the sun won't come up on Mayday without some dancing, it's just that if we didn't dance, and the sun didn't come up, we'd feel really bad.

If you haven't been out to see the sunrise celebration, give it a try. It's very beautiful, and while the sleepiness lasts only as long as it takes you to get there, the happy glow lasts all day! 

We continue throughout the day, bringing Morris cheer all around town.

10a - 11a Waldorf School of the Peninsula, 1311 Mora Drive, Los Altos 
12N - 1p Gamble Gardens, 1431 Waverley St, Palo Alto map.gif (1249 bytes)
Afternoon pub stop, Empire Tap Room, Palo Alto map.gif (1249 bytes)
9:45p PEERS Courts of the Faerie May Day Ball at the San Mateo Masonic Lodge, 100 N Ellsworth Ave, San Mateomap.gif (1249 bytes) What better way to end a day of May Day magic than a command performance for the Faerie Queen.
05-08-99 11a - 2p Stanford Bridge Faire, White Plaza, Stanford Campusmap.gif (1249 bytes)

Late afternoon - pickup dance and Morris BBQ in Palo Alto

Late afternoon - pickup dance and Morris BBQ in Stanford's traditional spring faire is our favorite faire, dancing with Mayfield Morris, Seabright Morris, and others. You'll find us over at the bookstore. (Hey wait a minute! Is that another fountain?)


11:30a - 2p Ardenwood Historic Farm, 34600 Ardenwood Bl, Fremont map.gif (1249 bytes) Ardenwood is a lovely historic park in Fremont. The festivities include a may pole dance, which is great for kids (young and old).

Lark in the Morning Gala
The Cannery
, San Francisco 

A cornucopia of folk fun and frivolity, members of our team will join with other members of the Bay Area Country Dance Society.  Look for the Deer Creek logo on our tee shirts - if you find one, you get to buy us a drink!

One day is just never enough for Lark.

05-23-99 4p-7p Pacific Grove, Monterey (private party) What would top off the high elegance of a High Tea ceremony in Monterey?   Why morris dancing, of course.

Seattle Folklife Festival

The biggest free folk festival in the United States, and we're there!  Well, some of us are...

I have never seen so much good dance, music, song, arts, crafts, and food.


11a - 2p Whitsun Ale, Santa Cruz

It's off to Lighthouse Field along the beach for dancing with Seabright Morris and Sword in the home venue.  We often get into lots of trouble in downtown Santa Cruz, the wineries near Felton.  And Boulder Creek may never be the same.

8p Cafe Borrone, 1010 El Camino Real, Menlo Park map.gif (1249 bytes)

It's our first local summer dance-out -  our annual tradition where we take local audiences completely unawares.  We're hoping to be joined by Mayfield Morris & Sword, Red Tail Morris, and Seabright Morris & Sword. 
07-02-99 5:30p Private Wedding, Piedmont Our biggest fan has allowed us to participate in her biggest day.   (You know who you are).

(Time and location to be announced)

It's our 2nd local summer dance-out for the local community.  Come for the dance - stay for the good fellowship.

(Time and location to be announced)

It's our 3rd local summer dance-out for the local community, continuing our annual tradition for the folks at home.

The Portland Ale
The Oregon Tr'ale
The Habituale, Portland Oregon

Yes, Portland Ale does sound like a drink, and some of our team members will no doubt be doing that too, along with some of the best dancing in the Pacific Northwest, hosted by the Bridgetown Morris Men.

Not The California Ale, San Diego

Southern California!  Even the sound of it brings forth images of danger.  We brave the wastelands in search of .... dancing.  Hosted by Morton Bay Fig Morris.
11-13-99 6:30p - 7p Festival of Trees, Kohl Mansion, Burlingame map.gif (1249 bytes) Deer Creek provides entertainment for this Camelot themed benefit for special needs children.

If you would like us to dance at your event, we're available for hire. Contact our squire

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