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Deer Creek 1997 Calendar

Deer Creek, like most morris teams, tends to have fewer performances in the winter. The darker months find us practicing our form and looking forward to the new season. Spring is coming, though, and our dance card is starting to take shape. Check out where we'll be, and do come see us!

April 19 (Saturday) - Palo Alto Garden Tour

It is well known that a good Morris dance can bring on a good harvest. Morris dancing is not only great fun, but it also is good for fertility! (Fertility for audience members is optional.) Each year we dance through various community gardens in Palo Alto to bring the gardeners a good crop.

We'll start around 9:45 at the gardens at the Palo Alto Community Center (behind the main library). Later we'll be dancing at Elenor Pardee park at Channing and Center (around 11:00), and we'll finish up at the park at Lytton and Bryant (starting around 12:00).


April 25-27 - VirtuAle in Santa Cruz

An Ale is a chance for morris dancing teams from all over to get together for reveling, imbibing, dancing, laughing, playing music and generally enjoying each other's company. Teams on the west coast of the US take turns each year hosting such a gathering. This year our friends with Seabright Morris and Sword in Santa Cruz are extending the invitation.


May 1 (Thursday) - May Day sunrise dance! 5am-7am

It's not so much that we believe the sun won't come up on Mayday without some dancing, it's just that if we didn't dance, and the sun didn't come up, we'd feel really bad.

We'll be dancing with Mayfield Morris & Sword and Fool's Choice Morris at the Palo Alto Baylands park. In Palo Alto, take the Embarcadero towards the bay. Turn left when it ends (at the airport). Keep going until you see the parking lot with lots of cars. Yes, that's right, you won't be the only one up before the dawn! Dancing starts at 5:30.

If you haven't been out to see the sunrise celebration, give it a try. It's very beautiful, and while the sleepiness lasts only as long as it takes you to get there, the happy glow lasts all day!


May 4 (Sunday) - Hidden Villa, Ardenwood

Spring festival at Hidden Villa and at Ardenwood Historic Farm, Fremont, with Mayfield Morris & Sword.

Hidden Villa is a working farm and educational center. Their spring festival includes activities for all ages. Park at Foothill community college and ride the shuttle the short distance to Hidden Villa. We'll start dancing at Hidden Villa around 3:00.

Ardenwood is a lovely historic park in Fremont. The festivities include a may pole dance, which is great for kids (young and old). If you're coming from the peninsula, cross the bay on the Dumbarton bridge, and take the Ardenwood exit. Turn north and follow the signs. We'll be dancing at Ardenwood from 11:45 until 1:45.


May 10 (Saturday) - Stanford Bridge Fair

Come and see us at Stanford's traditional spring fair with Berkeley Morris and other Bay Area teams. We'll likely be over by the bookstore, starting around 11:00 or so.


May 18 (Sunday) - May Fete in Bol Park, 11:00 - 5:00

Bol park, in Palo Alto, is a terrific place for enjoying the day and watching folks with sticks and handkerchiefs.

To get there, get to the intersection of El Camino Real and Page Mill/Oregon Expressway in Palo Alto. Go south a few blocks to Matadero Avenue and turn right. Drive a ways and then turn left on Laguna. Bol park will be on the right.

May 31 (Saturday) - Local Tour, 3:00 - 5:00

In the great tradition of Morris dancing, we find enjoyment in springing up in some unexpected place and terrorizing everyone around with incredible, bell-jingling capers! We're planning some jumping and clashing for this day somewhere in or near our home base of Palo Alto, but haven't picked the spot. So, beware!

If you would like us to dance at your event, we're available for hire. Contact us via email.

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