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Power and Precision

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Ah, Nostalgia

You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave!
Herein find Deer Creek alumni or other folk we just wanted to embarrass.

Ben Shattuck - no cross to bear

- foreman emeritus

Bruce Balan on his
world wide Migrations

Bruce Hamilton -
our illustrious founder

Carl Ludewig - media mogul

- foreman emeritus

 - foreman emeritus, nexus of mischief

Jonathan Howell - "summer" kit

- designated wild man now happily with Apple Tree Morris

Noel Cragg - the fellow just oozes talent

- fiddling around

- no bad habits

Revelers of years past - Jay Stirm, , Fred Perner, Alan Winston, Bill Batty,
And let's not forget...

Brian McKee
Clay Oliver
Cliff Rainey
Craig Johnson
Dave Gerdes

Gerard Hranek
Jim McMahon
John Thoburn
Karl Schultz
mice rex rivello
Mike Donahue
Rick D'Onofrio
Ruth Anne Fraley
Will Osser
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